I’m not talking about condoms here; I’m talking about a money safe box, either portable or permanent, and possibly a fireproof gun safe if you’re that way inclined. I’m not a fighting person. I’m not greedy and I don’t want what you have. I am a conscious, aware and responsible person, though, and I know when protection might be necessary.

Keeping my eyes open and my ear to the ground, I am learning that the end game in world finance is fast approaching and the need to gather assets like food, cash and gold and silver is upon us. Don’t wait until the crowd catches Wealth Protectionon because then it will be too late. Quietly go about the business of stocking up on your family’s daily needs. When you’ve got that together, stock up on as much cash and gold and silver bullion as you can possibly afford. Don’t store it in your bank. No matter how warm a relationship you may have with your lender or how welcoming the tellers, banks are leading this world to the edge of the cliff. Will you follow them over?

The U.S. Federal Reserve Bank is neither federal nor a bank. It is a private corporation that has a business arrangement with the U.S. government to print dollars, also known as Federal Reserve Notes, and to “loan” the notes to the government in return for bonds which are nothing more than promissory notes secured by tax receipts. All US citizens are indebted to the Federal Reserve Bank.

In 2008, we all learned a new term called “bailout”. This is the action of the government declaring a corporation or bank as being “too big to fail”. These corporations or banks were essentially bankrupt but instead of allowing them to close their doors, the government ordered up more money from the Federal Reserve Bank and gave it to them. Oh sure, they called them loans that never had to be repaid. And, yes, the U.S. citizens are on the hook for them.

Bank Bail-inSimilar actions ensued in Europe but last year we got to learn another new term called “bail-in”. The first bail-in occurred in Cyprus. The major bank of Cyprus had reached a point of insolvency and instead of bailing it out with tax payers money, this time they closed the doors and depleted (stole) 47.5% of all the money over $100,000 euros that depositors were saving in their accounts. Cyprus was a testing ground for this solution. Questions such as how much and what kind of civil uprising might be provoked by this action, were answered. Cyprians didn’t take it lying down. Thousands crowded into the streets and the protests were loud and long but the medicine had already been dispensed.

Solutions like bailouts and bail-ins were not new innovations though. They had been devised in private meetings many years before. If you’re interested in learning more about the history and plans of the Federal Reserve please pick up a copy of The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin.

My point is that banks can’t be trusted, not with your cash and not with your assets. And there’s nothing safe about a bank safe deposit box come the day that the bank closes. When the bank reopens and your account is down by half and your safe deposit box has been broken open and cleaned out, it will be too late.

Every astute person needs to take responsibility for the protection of his or her own possessions. I urge you to purchase a good quality safe for your valuables. There are many on the market and you can choose between portable safes and permanent wall safe varieties. There are safes disguised as furniture that support a living room lamp or suitcases that you can run off with. Following are some of my favorite designs for your consideration. Keep in mind that a good safe should be fireproof and have a mechanical or digital combination lock. You don’t have to spend a fortune on your safe but just imagine how great you’ll feel when you see lines of agitated bank customers outside your bank’s closed doors and you know that you looked after yourself and your family ahead of the curve.


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